Why your accountant should partner with your financial planner

The joint expertise of a financial planner and accountant could prove more fruitful than if you were to keep the two parties separate

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family business owners

How family business owners can extract profits from the business

Ian Smyth from Amber River NI explains why too much spare company cash could store up longer-term problems for you and your business

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family-owned business

How to plan a successful exit from your family-owned business

Conor McCann from Amber River NI explains some of the key considerations family business owners need to be mindful of when planning an exit from the business

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business planning

What family business owners need to know about protecting their business

Specialist financial planner Tara Dixon looks at different personal protection options to help secure your and your family’s financial wellbeing

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Profit Extraction: Tax-efficient ways to take money out of your business

Running your own business allows you to take advantage of certain tax rules that allow you to extract profit efficiently

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5 financial planning tips for business owners

Nick Cohen’s 5 financial planning tips for business owners

Specialist financial planner Nick Cohen gives his top five tips on how business owners can make their future more financially secure

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Understanding shareholder protection

Are you prepared if a co-shareholder dies suddenly? Without a shareholder protection strategy in place, you could lose control of your business

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What are your options when a business partner dies?

How can you prepare for the death of a business partner? We look at the key questions and planning options business owners should consider

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What every business owner needs to know about tax-efficient investing

During the pandemic many business owners built-up cash reserves to act as a safety net - now they're wondering where to invest those reserves

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Kerry McCaughan – Helping business owners play to win

After 14 years at Johnston Campbell, Kerry is well placed to offer financial business advice to a diverse range of business owners and entrepreneurs

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