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Savings and investments

We understand how passionate you are about making your customers happy and creating a successful business. We have that same passion! What’s more, your business needs to be profitable.

Most sole traders and business owners understand the value of having an accountant to take care of their tax affairs, but how many understand the value of taking corporate financial advice? Our expert financial planners can create a bespoke financial strategy for your business, whilst also helping you with aspects such as director pensions and how to protect your business if anything were to happen to you or key employees.

Savings and investments

In short, we understand the issues you face – and the questions you may have. Whether that’s what does success look like? Or, how can you tax plan? Or, what’s the best way to invest your profits? We can help you to find the answers.

We advise on all the issues faced by business-owners, including:

  • Profit extraction
  • Retirement planning
  • Pension planning
  • Keyperson insurance
  • Shareholder protection
  • Business loan protection
  • The sale of your business
  • Exit strategy
Financial Freedom
The importance of starting investing young

Savings and investments

Specialist advice areas

Succession planning

When you own a business, it's not just today's successes that will concern you. You'll also be thinking about how you…

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Key personnel insurance

Key Person Insurance protects businesses against financial loss, caused by the unexpected death or critical illness of…

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Employee benefits

Employee benefits are becoming increasingly important in attracting and retaining talented people in an organisation.

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Exit strategy

An exit strategy is a crucial consideration for business owners, and something that ideally should be understood from…

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Shareholder protection

Shareholder Protection is a type of business insurance that provides a lump sum in the event of a shareholder's death…

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Profit extraction

Taking a mortgage is a big financial commitment and lenders reserve the right to repossess a property if the mortgage…

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