Chris Masley, a Chartered Financial Planner with Amber River Chancery, stands out as a trusted and forward-thinking professional. With a background in law and an aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving, Chris found his calling in financial planning. He has since built a reputation for his expertise in cashflow modelling and dedication to helping clients plan for a life well-lived.

Journey to financial planning

Chris’s journey began after studying law at Oxford Brookes University. Although he initially contemplated a career in law, he realised the subject matter didn’t quite ignite his passion. “Although I knew when I graduated that law wasn’t for me, I felt that what I’d learnt in terms of critical thinking and constructing solid arguments would be useful for a career in financial services.”

His first job after graduating was with a financial advice firm, where he focused on group pension schemes. Later, he transitioned to an advisory role at an asset management firm, where he honed his skills in constructing investment portfolios for clients. However, the 2007-2008 financial crisis led to a wave of redundancies, including his own.

Chris has built a reputation for his expertise in cashflow modelling and dedication to helping clients plan for a life well-lived

“It was during this period that I met my now wife, who was working in Canary Wharf at the time, and this prompted my move to London.”

In London, Chris joined a private bank as a paraplanner, supporting the investment management side of the business in constructing portfolios for clients. But over time, he began to question the traditional order of client interactions.

“I felt it should be the financial planner taking the lead in the client relationship, with investment managers playing more of a supporting role. So, in 2014, I decided to make the move to an advisory position at what was then Chancery Financial Planning.”

Commitment to new and existing clients

Chris understands the importance of maintaining service standards and strives to strike a balance between finding new clients and ensuring his existing clients continue to receive the attention they value. Typically, Chris’s clients are approaching retirement or already retired and, as such, are seeking advice on tax efficiency, estate and intergenerational planning and inheritance tax mitigation.

Chris’s dedication to his clients is apparent in the way he approaches each individual situation. He explains: “One of my clients works for an investment bank and needed advice relating to his pension schemes in light of the Budget changes in April. I analysed his overall investment strategy, which was largely speculative, and helped rebalance his portfolio to reduce the unnecessary risk he was taking with his pension. This adjustment has given him a more stable foundation for his retirement without compromising his objectives.

“Another client was a cleaner who had inherited a significant sum of money from her ex-husband. She approached me asking for advice on how best to pass the money to her children. Through careful planning and discussions involving the entire family, I helped ensure her wishes will be carried out in the most tax-efficient way.”

"By presenting different possible outcomes, I’m able to empower my clients to make informed decisions"

The power of cashflow modelling

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, Chris says that people tend to focus more on their liabilities.

“My clients often approach me with questions about their financial situation, ranging from whether they can afford to buy a particular item to whether they should take money out of their investments to pay off their mortgage – or even stop contributing to their pension in the short-term. The last of those is rarely a good idea!”

Cashflow modelling is one of the key tools Chris uses to help answer those questions. He says clients are often pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and accuracy provided by cashflow modelling. The visualisation tools he uses can also help bring complicated “what if” scenarios to life.

“Clients really look forward to their review meetings with me now! During these meetings, we normally start by discussing investment performance, but then move on to spend most of the time delving into their personal goals, and any changes that may have occurred.

“By running different scenarios within their cash flow model, I can demonstrate how significant changes like unexpected expenses, sudden windfalls, or deciding to retire earlier or later than planned, can impact their financial situation.”

For Chris, it’s all about giving clients the information they need to plan their future with confidence.

“By presenting different possible outcomes, I’m able to empower my clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. It means they’re more likely to stay on track to achieve their financial aspirations and life goals.”

Life Landscaping® from Amber River

Chris Masley is a financial planner who prioritises his clients’ long-term financial security. His journey from studying law to achieving Chartered status as a financial planner demonstrates his adaptability and interdisciplinary knowledge. By using sophisticated tools like cashflow modelling, Chris can provide clear and actionable insights to his clients.

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