Combining a wealth of experience with a down-to-earth personality, Jen offers a blend of knowledge, approachability, and genuine care to her clients.

Before making her home at Amber River True Bearing, Jen’s career was as dynamic as the markets she thrived in. Her foray into the financial sector began straight out of school, but it was her move to the city as an equity derivatives sales trader that shaped her professional career.

“The city was a fast-paced environment that honed my analytical skills and understanding of market dynamics,” says Jen, reflecting on her time working across a range of clients managing complex financial spreads.

“The adrenaline rush of the trading floor was exhilarating, but with a young family, a change was needed.”

"After years of being behind a desk, I wanted a client-facing role where I could still use my financial expertise"

From trading floors to family life

After a decade in the city, and with family plans on the horizon, she took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, channelling her passion from banking to baking.

“I’ve always loved creative baking and pushing the boundaries. We were one of the first to engage in the trend for huge cupcake towers at weddings,” Jen reminisces. “The business grew from just me to a team of five, supplying top tier customers like Harrods and the London Park cafés.”

The pull of home

Family ties – and a growing family of her own – led Jen back to the Lancashire /Yorkshire border, where she found herself bring drawn towards financial planning. “I’ve always been a people person. After years of being behind a desk, I wanted a client-facing role where I could still use my financial expertise,” Jen explains.

Working towards her level 4 diploma while working as a paraplanner, Jen gained her CII qualification and moved into a role as a financial planner.

She chose to move to Amber River True Bearing in 2022 because of the firm’s client-first philosophy. “What’s best for the client is at the heart of everything I do,” she states, “and I’m lucky enough to be working for a company that feels the same way.”

"The game-changer in our industry has been technology”

Crafting tailored financial journeys

For Jen, financial planning is about understanding each client’s unique story. “You can’t create a one-size-fits-all plan. It’s about building something bespoke, that aligns perfectly with an individual’s life goals,” Jen points out.

With a keen sense of empathy and the ability to listen and understand people, she crafts plans that offer not just financial security, but long-term peace of mind.

“What I love most is the relationships,” Jen says with a smile. “Getting to know my clients, understanding their dreams, and being part of their journey is what I find most fulfilling.” Her friendly personality and genuine interest in people’s lives make her more than just a financial adviser; she’s a trusted partner.

Jen’s client base is diverse, from those nearing retirement to younger families focused on protection and also small business owners.

“For many, it’s about ensuring they’re on track for a comfortable retirement. For others, it’s about safeguarding their family’s future or helping provide a financial safety net for business owners through financial protection,” Jen explains. She uses a range of tools to help clients visualise the impact of their financial decisions, providing clarity and giving them confidence in their plan.

Jen recalls a particularly rewarding experience with an older couple concerned about affording retirement.

“They were worried, particularly because they felt trapped in their jobs,” Jen recalls. Through detailed analysis and planning, she was able to provide them with a clear path to retirement. “The relief and happiness they expressed when they realised they could retire comfortably is why I do this job”.

Embracing technology

“The game-changer in our industry has been technology,” says Jen, emphasising the power of cashflow modelling – a tool that has revolutionised how financial plans are created and presented.

“The ability to visualise a client’s financial plan and demonstrate how the decisions they make now will impact their future is invaluable. Cashflow modelling is such a powerful tool – I use it with most of my clients.”

Life beyond numbers

When the calculators are put away, Jen’s life is a whirlwind of family activities. “My three girls are my world. We’re always on the go, whether it’s sports, music concerts or family time,” she says. These are the moments that she cherishes the most with her family.

Jen Lancaster is not just a financial adviser; she’s a confidante and a guide. She stands out in the financial world not just for her expertise, but for her ability to make each client feel at ease and comfortable discussing their hopes and dreams.

“When I meet with my clients, we’re not just there to plan for their financial future. The goal is to help them embark on a journey towards a life well-lived and dreams fully realised.”

Life Landscaping® from Amber River

Jen Lancaster joined Amber River True Bearing team because of their commitment to always prioritising the clients’ needs — a value she wholeheartedly shares.

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