The purpose of professional financial planning and advice is to help you to create a more prosperous, secure and happy future for you and your family. At Amber River, we call this process Life Landscaping®.

It’s a simple premise, but it can be a complex process. It’s complex because it’s unique to you and therefore requires a trusted relationship, developed over time, between financial planner and client.

Don't save for a rainy day...plan for a life well lived withLife Landscaping®

It starts with a visualisation of the future you’re dreaming of, mapped out over time through listening and probing to define your current financial position and circumstances. Only then can a financial planner start to formulate the bespoke financial life plan that will help you to achieve the goals you have for yourself and your family – now and in the future.

Life’s landscape is different for each of us. To work truly independently for you, your financial planner will be at your side over the long-term, acting as guide, mentor and friend, at each major milestone you pass.

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