Managed Investment Service

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Our solution to a familiar problem

The problem

For most people, the task of assembling – and managing – a well-diversified investment portfolio can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know whether you’re getting good value for money. And with so much uncertainty and market volatility to navigate, getting appropriate returns for the risk you’re prepared to take is also now much harder.

OUR solution

Our Managed Investment Service brings together a selection of hand-picked investments within one portfolio. Our service is discretionary, which means a professional investment manager takes investment decisions on your behalf.

Your financial planner will use the service to build an investment portfolio for you, that reflects your long-term goals. It’s flexible, tax-efficient and ready to adapt should those goals change.

A complete investment solution

  • A range of diversified investment portfolios
  • Clear, simple pricing
  • Suitable for a wide range of investors
  • Managed by hand-picked investment professionals
  • Exclusive to Amber River's Financial Planners

Why choose our Managed Investment Service?

Our flexible solution evolves with you. If your requirements or life goals change, your financial planner will be able to adjust your portfolio to meet your needs.


  • A broad range of portfolios with different investment styles and approaches
  • Focus on capital growth or taking a regular income
  • Your adviser can recommend the portfolio (or combination of portfolios) which best meet your needs, preferences and attitude to risk


  • Access to a selection of industry leading investment managers
  • Your portfolio will always reflect the manager’s ‘current view’ of markets
  • We constantly monitor your portfolios to ensure they’re managed in line with their investment objectives


  • You can access your portfolio via our platform anytime, anywhere
  • Available in a range of tax-efficient wrappers including ISAs, offshore bonds and SIPPs
  • You’ll receive a quarterly report so you can check that you’re on track to achieve your goals

Investment partners

The Managed Investment Service includes several market-leading investment managers. We’ve chosen them for their strong investment credentials and expertise, and because of their focus on delivering consistent returns.

James Hambro & Partners (JH&P) is a privately-owned wealth management business, offering a combination of wealth management and multi-asset investing expertise. Amber River is one of only a few, select advice firms to partner with them.

TAM Asset Management is a boutique investment manager with a strong track-record of managing model portfolios for over 10 years.

Tribe is the UK’s first dedicated ‘impact wealth manager’, created in response to a significant increase in demand from individuals who want to achieve both sustainable impact, and a financial return from their invested wealth.​ 

Liontrust is a major asset manager with one of the most experienced and highly regarded multi-asset multi-manager teams in the UK market, which aims to deliver smoother returns than individual single strategy funds over the long-term.

What does this mean for you?

Outstanding portfolio construction

Our Managed Investment Service gives you a choice of investment portfolios that use different investment styles and approaches. These portfolios are managed by carefully selected investment partners, who aim to deliver the best performance for your preferred level of risk. They will do this by making sure your portfolio is diversified and reflects their latest thinking.

Please remember that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested.

Ongoing monitoring, governance and oversight

These investment partners take care of the day-to-day investment decisions, but our investment committee has full oversight and responsibility for the range of investments available to you.

This committee is also responsible for actively monitoring the investment partners, as well as the underlying investments themselves, to ensure they are achieving their objectives. We choose to only work with like-minded, highly-skilled investment partners with an established track record. Those that don’t meet expectations will be replaced.

Tax-efficient investment options

You can invest through an Individual Savings Account (ISA), Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), other tax-efficient wrappers, or offshore bonds.

Your financial planner will also recommend an investment platform to hold your investment in a safe and tax-efficient way.

Reporting and investment reviews

You will receive a quarterly investment report that will show the value of your investment and any changes made during the quarter.

Your financial planner will also conduct regular reviews with you, to ensure your investment strategy remains appropriate, and on track to meet its objectives.

Fee and charges explained

The returns from your investment will be affected by fees and charges. Here is a breakdown of some of the different fees and charges you can expect to pay.

Financial planner fee

Your financial planner will charge a fee for the advice they provide to you. This fee is likely to be separate to, and independent of, any charges that relate to the Managed Investment Service.

Management fee

This is for the investment management of the portfolio and will vary depending on which portfolio(s) you invest in.

Portfolio fee

The underlying funds and investments chosen by your Discretionary Investment Manager will also carry charges. However, our investment management partners are often able to negotiate better terms than would be available to a typical direct investor.

Platform fee

Your investment transactions will be carried out through an investment platform (eg. Morningstar Wealth Platform), which will also charge you an administrative fee. Your financial planner can explain the impact of platform fees on your investment.

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