Phased retirement: Starting a new business in retirement

More and more people are choosing to take a phased retirement, and many are using retirement as the opportunity to start-up a new business

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Understanding shareholder protection

Are you prepared if a co-shareholder dies suddenly? Without a shareholder protection strategy in place, you could lose control of your business

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What are your options when a business partner dies?

How can you prepare for the death of a business partner? We look at the key questions and planning options business owners should consider

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The four key stages of financial business planning

Kerry McCaughan looks at four critical stages of family financial business planning: protection, profit, succession and inheritance

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Brothers disagreeing over family inheritance

How to stop family disputes over an inheritance

Family disputes over money and inheritance are on the rise, with more people in England and Wales turning to the courts to contest a will than ever before

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How to plan the successful succession of a family business

How to plan the successful succession of your family business

43% of family-owned businesses do not have a succession plan in place, but companies without a succession plan are risking long-term success.

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