5 ways to include employee wellbeing within your employee benefits package

The very best employee benefits programmes enable employees to tailor a mix of wellbeing and financial benefits to suit their needs

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Should I offer my employees Group Income Protection?

Group income protection is a valuable benefit that will protect employees if they’re unable to work, and could help you attract the best talent

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Boost your employee benefits with financial protection

Financial protection employee benefits can help attract and retain the best talent, and have a positive impact on your existing workforce

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Couple enjoying retirement

The pros and cons of equity release

Equity release is a way of releasing money tied up inthe value of your property without you having to sell it,so you can continue to live there. It’s available to people aged over 55 –but it does come with risks attached.

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3 Women discussing workplace pensions

Why should you consider opting into a workplace pension?

It usually makes sense to take advantage of a workplace pension. If you don’t, you're effectively choosing to take a pay cut.

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How the right employee benefits can attract and retain talent

The right employee package is an outward indicator to prospective employees that employee welfare lies at the heart of your business

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