What are the Downsides of Equity release

What are the downsides of equity release?

We delve into the potential downsides of equity release, as well as some of the advantages. The right choice depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals.

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What is an equity release lifetime mortgage?

Managing risk is a core element of investing. This article explains how professionals manage risk within investment portfolios

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Couple enjoying retirement

The pros and cons of equity release

Equity release is a way of releasing money tied up inthe value of your property without you having to sell it,so you can continue to live there. It’s available to people aged over 55 –but it does come with risks attached.

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The benefits and challenges of a phased retirement

Phased retirement enables employees to continue to earn an income while slowly adjusting to stopping work altogether

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Financial planning in your 60s

The financial expert you choose largely depends on your needs – but one thing that overrides everything else is finding someone you trust.

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