How to prepare for a bereavement

The expert’s advice on how to prepare for a bereavement

Despite the uncertainties, we look at the things you can do that may help to ease the impact of potential VAT on school fees

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Are Annuities a Good Investment

Are Annuities a Good Investment?

Is an annuity something you should consider? We take a look at the benefits and drawbacks to help you build up a clearer picture

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retire early

How much does it cost to retire early?

How much do you need to turn your later life dreams into reality? We explore the considerations and costs of retiring early.

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Not the retiring type? Why people choose to retire later

More people are choosing to work beyond retirement. Phasing retirement can offer a range of benefits, even beyond the state pension age

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What’s the difference between UFPLS and flexible pension drawdown?

When you retire, it’s essential that you understand all your options. This article explains the difference between UFPLS and pension drawdown

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A Brief Guide to Pension Drawdown

What is pension drawdown, and is it better than buying an annuity? Find out about the pros and cons before deciding what's best for you

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How much do I need to retire?

How much you need to retire will vary from person to person - it’s important to crunch the numbers early on to ensure you're on track

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What is an equity release lifetime mortgage?

Managing risk is a core element of investing. This article explains how professionals manage risk within investment portfolios

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Should I buy an annuity with my pension?

If you're confused about whether to buy an annuity or not, we take a look at the pros and cons to help you make the right decision

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Is ‘phased retirement’ right for you?

A look at phased retirement, the different options available, and how you can get the most from your retirement savings and keep working

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