Financial planning ideas for new parents

Becoming a new parent is a natural time to reassess your financial plans and look at ways to secure the financial well-being of your family

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5 common money mistakes when starting your first job

We take a look at the most common mistakes young professionals make when they're starting out – and the steps you can take to avoid them

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Financial planning in your 40s

The financial expert you choose largely depends on your needs – but one thing that overrides everything else is finding someone you trust.

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5 ways to make tax-efficient investments

Tax-efficient investments can make a huge difference to the amount of wealth you accumulate over time. We take a look at five of them.

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What every business owner needs to know about tax-efficient investing

During the pandemic many business owners built-up cash reserves to act as a safety net - now they're wondering where to invest those reserves

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Female self-employed person smiling while sitting in front of her computer

Tax management for the self-employed

Critical aspects of tax that the self-employed should consider, and how a financial planner can make tax management less daunting

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Take a look at your end of year tax allowances

Taking a closer look at your end of year tax allowances?

The new financial year is the perfect opportunity to review your finances and make full use of any available tax allowances before 5 April

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Andrew Sutherland Financial Advisor

Retirement planning is about more than just a pension

Expert insights from Andrew Sutherland: When it comes to retirement planning, your pension is likely to be just one part of the puzzle.

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Planning for your dream retirement

How to plan for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of

Do you know how much to put aside for your retirement, so you have the freedom to follow your dreams and do everything you ever wanted to?

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Reducing retirement tax bill

11 ways to reduce your tax bill in retirement

While you should never base investment decisions solely on tax efficiency, there are several ways to reduce your tax bill in retirement.

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