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Craig Bartley

Independent Financial Planner

Craig joined SFIA (now part of Amber River) as a school fees planning specialist in 2001. Having previous experience in large banks, building societies and insurance providers, he recognised the immediate and long-term implications private school fees can have on family finances through their interaction with other financial plans.

He brings his "big picture" approach to financial advice, whether school fees planning or any other aspect of a client’s finances, to build solutions that ensure all aspects of the family finances work together efficiently to meet immediate needs and build securely for future goals.

He actively engages clients to educate and explore what’s possible and examine all the routes available, empowering them to meet their objectives efficiently whilst feeling informed and in control.

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Amber River SFIA provides a variety of financial planning services, from investments to mortgages, while also specialising in School Fees Planning. Their advisers aim to build a lasting relationship with clients. They take pleasure in witnessing them achieving their goals, helping them to adapt their personalised financial plan if and when surprises occur along the way.

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